Guide to Using Hostgator Hosting Plan with Domain Name Registered at Godaddy

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to build a website, this can be a very important guide for you.

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GoDaddy is a domain registration and web hosting company. It is one of the best domain registrars in the market, and is known for its low price domain registration. HostGator, on the other hand, is a highly regarded web hosting company that has generated a large number of positive reviews from its clients. It offers unlimited hard disk space, unlimited bandwidth, a free Sitebuilder tool, thousands of free website templates, a user-friendly control panel, a variety of discounts and a 45 day money-back guarantee. Combine the two, you can get a long lasting web presence.

If you are new to the world of web development and are thinking about building your first website, then you are probably looking for a reliable web hosting service that makes constructing your own site quite simple. You probably also wouldn’t like to spend a lot of money, in the event that things don’t work out just like you plan. If you are new to the website development, you probably likewise have no idea whether or not it is possible to take advantage of GoDaddy’s the best prices and HostGator’s popular hosting services with wonderful Hostgator coupon of 2012. Without this knowledge, you are bound to just use one company both for domain registration and web hosting.

Rest easy. You can use both GoDaddy’s low-priced domain registration as well as HostGator’s web hosting service, no problem. Read on to learn how. In our previous post, many of us mentioned why Hostgator hurts for domain registration and how Godaddy rocks when it comes to domaining.

How to Point your Godaddy Domain to Hostgator’s Hosting Service

1) Firstly, you need to purchase a hosting plan at HostGator, which involves just filling out a few simple Web forms giving your name, address and payment information. They’ll send you a confirmation email when you finish. Save the email for future reference.

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2) Next you need to create a GoDaddy account. Register your domain. Godaddy will search first if the domain you want to register if it is still available. If available, you can proceed to the checkout section, if not, Godaddy will display related domain names with various domain extensions.

3) Once you have done this, click on “Domains” on the menu bar. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “My Domains.” The screen will then present you with a list of the domains that you have registered with Go Daddy. Select the domain that you want to use by clicking on it.

4) Select the “Nameservers” option. Click on “Custom nameservers (I host my domains elsewhere).” Find the nameservers information in the email that HostGator has sent to you. It should look something like Enter the details that GoDaddy asks for. Select “OK” to finish things up with Go Daddy.

5) Login to your HostGator account. Add the name of the domain that you registered at Go Daddy via the Add Domain icon that can be found in your control panel. Now you’re ready to build your own HostGator site with your GoDaddy domain name.

For the last step, wait a bit for the domain name to propagate after the DNS change in step four above.

Generate More Income by Promoting Your Business Website

Generate More Income by Promoting Your Business Website


One easy way to generate more income from your business websites is through Direct Navigation.

An effective way of building online traffic is to ensure you incorporate your website address on all published material – business cards, letters, flyers, etc.

Select a simple domain name(URL) which often don’t have hyphens as well as other punctuation. It will likely be simpler for individuals to keep in mind your domain name. In the event you operate specifically in the United Kingdom, pick a address. In the event that you trade in foreign countries, think about a .com or .eu address also. You can register your domain name at or any best domain registrar you know.

If your thinking that direct navigation would cost you more, think again. You can find lots of companies that offering discounts in their products like the following:









Avoid These Common Mistakes When You Buy a Domain

You Do Not Need to Be a Webmaster to Learn the Right Ways to Buy a Domain

Domain registration process is pretty simple. All you need is a credit card and a internet browser and you can get a domain name registered within minutes.

However, do not make these mistakes when registering your domain name.

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Mistake #1: Not Registering a Domain Yourself

You know how a business owner hires someone to create a website for their company and then after a few years, the person (or company) who created the website disappears for whatever reason (out of business; moved out of the area; got a real job; etc.)?

Then unknowingly, the domain names registration expires and is automatically, electronically grabbed up by opportunistic domain squatters. These domain squatters then register the expired domain in hopes that you will be highly motivated to purchase the domain name at a much higher asking price. Most often, squatters might ask for $200 to $2000. Sometimes, it could even be much more.

So what should you do instead if you have not registered the domain yet? Just go to one of the best domain registration services below and register the domain yourself.

  • Namecheap – one of the cheapest with free domain privacy for first year.
  • Godaddy – the most popular and trusted domain registrar.

Did someone else register your domain name for you? A webdesigner or web host perhaps has done it for you. That’s fine, but you’ll want to check a few things. Find out what you should do next.

Mistake #2: Forgot to Renew Domain Name on Time

You are working real hard to beat your online competitors, search the entire internet for your targeted audience, calling all your suppliers bargaining for the lowest cost price so that you can have a much competitive pricing, but be sure you have not missed your domain renewal notice, you should always renew your domain on time to avoid loosing your business.

There are various ways to keep your domain name safe.

Mistake #3: Thinking all Domain Registrars Are The Same

They are not. You should be getting the domain name from an ICANN accredited company. There are many resellers out there. They cannot give the same support like these big companies can. Instead of getting a domain name from a Godaddy reseller, you should get straight from Godaddy because usually they have lower chances of going out of business or having inconsistent support quality.

Godaddy any good?

This is Godaddy’s website

Godaddy reseller any good?

A Godaddy’s reseller site with similar products as Godaddy

Why would you want to go with a Godaddy reseller as opposed to Godaddy? We have seen this issue too many times in the forums and in blogs. Someone went with a small unknown registrar because of their cheap fees. Then they ended up getting hosed some way or another. Smaller reseller companies have higher chances of going out of business too. So which one would you choose?

A Good Domain Registrar May Not Be a Good Web Hosting

We believe that there are very few companies that are both good at website hosting, and at offering comprehensive domain registration services. We would recommend getting the best services from each category.

For domain names registration, if you stick with Namecheap or
Godaddy, you should be fine. They have millions of domains registered with them and they are the best at what they do – registering domains.

For domain hosting on the other hand, Hostgator is well known for being one the best website hosts in the industry. We have been using them for more than 7 years and could not recommend anything better. Hostgator is rated A+ by BBB, has 45 days money back guarantee, gives you cPanel and 4500+ website templates. The Hostgator coupon code 2012 – WEBTEMPLATE – can give you extra 25% discount from your initial bill.

Mistake #4: Not Aware of Registration Scams

Registering your domain name is usually safe, but as with anything, there are some folks who may try to scam you. Here are two things to watch out for:

  • You might receive offers (email or snail mail) from other registrars who may lead you to believe that you need to renew your domain name with them. While you can do that (you can transfer registrars at any time), these offers usually are at high prices. Don’t fall for it. Know who your registar is. If the notice isn’t from your registrar, pitch it in the trash.
  • “Lock” your domain name. Registrars offer a feature called “domain locking” at no extra cost. It prevents your domain name from being transferred to another registrar unless you authorize the transfer by first “unlocking” the domain. It’s a good safeguard, and you can do it online in just a couple steps.

Do you want to learn more about domain registration? There are too many tips and tricks about domain registration that we want to share, but we would not be able to fit them all here. Download the reports and guides; and to subscribe to the newsletter below.

5 Steps to Secure Facebook Apps at Namecheap

Dear aspiring Facebook developers,

Here are some announcements that surely will interest you.

Facebook SSL Certificates at a Discount

If you develop apps for Facebook, you may know that Facebook new policy now prohibits you from not having your apps hosted on a non-secure server? In other words, it must be served with a SSL certificate behind https://. Do not worry because Namecheap has the solution to this problem. They are offering SSL certificates for $7.99 for the first year. As said, they made this transition easy with a special PositiveSSL promotion. See the steps below on how to secure your Facebook or Fan Page at Namecheap.

Hurry! The promotion ends on October 15, 2011.

10% Off Shared, Reseller and Business Packages

If you are into their reseller hosting program, Namecheap has enable anyone interested in maintaining unlimited websites the ability to have everything under one single account. The reseller plans at Namecheap are perfect for true resellers, but also for those whose website portfolios are always growing. Experience their 10% off on their reseller hosting plan as well as in their shared and business packages plan!

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As one of the best domain hosting, Namecheap is also offering a special October coupon right now for .COM domains. If you cannot get the .COM domain that you want, consider .NET, .BIZ or .ORG and use the coupon below too to get additional $1 off.

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Five steps to secure your Facebook App or Fan Page

  1. Head to the Facebook Developer App
  2. Select the Facebook App that you setup for your Facebook Fan Page
  3. Click on Edit Settings
  4. Update the Secure Canvas URL and the Secure Page Tab URL with the new Secure address.
  5. Canvas URL and Secure Canvas URL refer to the location on your server where you are storing your application files (e.g.,, Page Tab URL and Secure Page Tab URL refer to the location on your server where you are storing your index file
  6. Click Save Changes

PositiveSSL is one of the most popular and inexpensive SSL certificates in the industry. The PositiveSSL certificate is the ideal choice for websites where the brand trust is already established and organization verification is not needed. It is also suitable for securing low volume e-commerce websites. Click here to get PositiveSSL certificates for a low price of $7.99 and this price is valid until October 15 only.

Best Domain Hosting at $2.49 per month

If you want to get your website hosted at one of the best domain hosting at a very cheap price, then you have to act fast.

Netfirms Web Hosting
The Netfirms Plus hosting plan is currently on sale for just $2.49/month! The offer expires on Sept 30.

What you get:

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • WordPress templates and themes.
  • Free ad credits for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and
  • And much, much more.

Netfirms is the premier provider of web hosting, domain name search and registration, e-commerce web site hosting, e-mail hosting, e-marketing services and technology solutions.Trust, quality, and reliability have made us one of the largest, most recommended web hosting companies in the world.
Here are some of Netfirms’ Recognition:

  • Netfirms launched its MultiPlatform technology to much acclaim, and was featured in various media including ComputerWorld, the Web Host Industry Review, Linux World, SDA Asia Magazine, PC Advisor, Techworld and more.
  • Netfirms selected as Best pHp Host by Web Hosting Top
  • Netfirms selected as Editor’s Choice.
  • Netfirms wins a Top 5 honor at

So do not hesitate because you will be too late. Sale expires soon.

StartLogic Cheapest Domain Hosting Price

startlogicFor a limited time only, StartLogic’s ProLogic Plan is on sale for $3.95/month.

The ProLogic Plan Features:

  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth Space
  • Unlimited Email Addresses Per Domain Name
  • Option of Shopping Cart Integration
  • Free Ad Credits for Google, Yahoo! and Bing

This offer, from one of the best domain hosting company, will expire at the end of September. So grab this opportunity to get a cheap hosting plan and use their professional website builder to quickly build your website today.

Online Press Releases Coupons

160x600 logo in blue top

Simply having a website at the best domain hosting does not guarantee visitors to your website. You need to announce it to the world! Do you need to announce your new website or your company news to the world with the best performing Press Release service? You have likely tried free press release submission services. They did not work. Why not take a look at the ONLY press release service that offers national distribution to over 100,000 Journalists –

eReleases.compress release guide ensures that your press releases will go out to the major news publications in the nation, such as: USA Today, The New York Times, Yahoo, Google and many more.

Visit eRelease now and get Free Guidebook! It is a 150-page ebook that they have sold in the past for $29, titled, “Beginners Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases.” This exclusive guide features a coupon to get further discount for your press releases.

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25% OFF New Orders at Network Solutions in August

Are you looking for a an affordable but reliable hosting? We have good news from Network Solutions!

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